4 Signs Drain Cleaning Is Overdue

Drain cleaning is one of those tasks no homeowner wants to handle because it’s messy and smelly. But when drains aren’t cleaned and clogs form, you may notice more than the smell. You could end up with a major backup in your home, with significant water damage as a result.

drain cleaning

Familiarize yourself with the top four indications it’s time for drain cleaning … or to call a professional to help:

1. Sluggish Drains

If it takes a solid minute for the sink water to drain when you brush your teeth, or your shower stays full of water the entire time you’re in there, you have slow, sluggish drains. It’s a clear sign something is blocking the drain. It could be built-up hair, grease, soap residue or foreign objects, but whatever the reason for the slow drain, it needs fixing.

Your drain problem won’t magically resolve on its own — the buildup will only get worse.

2. Curious Odors

If you’ve wipe down your kitchen counters, scrubbed your appliances and taken out the trash but you still can’t get rid of that suspicious odor, it could be your drains. Lighting candles and spraying air freshener won’t work.

All the built-up residue from food waste that lodges in your sink drain is probably the cause of the terrible smell, and only drain cleaning will fix it.

3. Toilet Clogs

Do you notice that you’re plunging your toilet more often? This is more than an inconvenience; it’s a warning sign that your whole home could soon experience a major clog. It’s vital to have your pipes looked at by a licensed plumber to make sure there aren’t any blockages in the main line.

4. Gurgling Noises

Gurgling is an indication of air in your drains, and it’s definitely something you should take seriously. Your sink vents could be blocked. Your plumber can handle this task.

How Does Professional Drain Cleaning Work?

Why should you hire a professional when it’s apparent your drains need attention?

Companies like My Buddy the Plumber use skill, training and professional tools to clear drains, not harmful chemicals. When we service your pipes, your plumbing system gets a tuneup so it will last longer. And you don’t have to worry about your pipes being damaged with hazardous, harsh substances. You receive safe, effective service that gets your drains back in working order and keeps them that way. Call us today for a free quote.