5 Plumbing Problems to Look for Before You Buy a Home

Plumbing problems are the last thing you want to discover right after you sign a contract to purchase a new home. A home’s plumbing may be mostly out of view, but it’s a vital system.

plumbing problems to look for before your buy a home

If you want to know what plumbing problems to avoid while you shop for a new home, keep the five issues below in mind and ensure you get a complete inspection.

Sewer Line Clogs or Deterioration

If a home has a constant problem with drain clogs, the underlying reason might be an issue with the main sewer line. When a sewer line is deteriorating or a tree root is growing into it, it can be the beginning of a serious problem.

It’s possible to re-line sewer systems before they become unusable, but that requires catching the problem in time. The best way to ensure you don’t have to dig up your yard and replace a sewer line just a few weeks into home ownership is by having a plumber conduct a camera inspection of the pipe’s interior.

Old Water Heater

Water heaters usually only last about 10 years. When they begin to break down, they leak.

Assess both the condition and the location of the home’s water heater. If it’s in a utility closet, make sure it is placed over a drip pan. If you notice any key plumbing problems like small leaks, make sure to inquire about its age. If the current homeowners don’t share this information, call a plumber. You can usually tell how old a water heater is by its manufacturer make and model.

Leaky Toilets

A leaky toilet is a major pain. More than the frustration it will cause, it has the potential to inflict major water damage as well.

While problems may be hard to spot as an outsider touring a home, look at the base of the toilet and check for warping or discoloration. Second, feel the floor around the toilet with your foot. A floor that feels soft is a bad sign. Third, sit on the toilet and check for sturdiness. Does it move side to side? Toilets should be stable and anchored.

Lead Pipes

How old is the home? Make sure you know whether it has pipes that may contain lead. Lead in any amount is a health hazard, and it can be costly to re-pipe a home.

Uninsulated Pipes

Are there a number of pipes on exterior walls, with no insulation? This is one of the most overlooked plumbing problems, but still one of the most serious. Uninsulated pipes can become burst pipes.

Call My Buddy the Plumber if you have questions about these common plumbing problems, whether they’re at your house or a home you’re looking to buy. We can help you make the right call on replace and repair, or avoid.