End-of-Season Heating and HVAC Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to HVAC quality and maintenance in your home, the transitional periods between seasons are often important crux points in the year. In particular, the periods where temperatures change from warm to cool, and then back from cool to warm again in the upcoming spring season, are important for simple areas of maintenance and upkeep while your system moves from a furnace or heat pump to an air conditioner.

At My Buddy Heating and Air, we’re proud to offer a wide range of HVAC services to help you out here, from basic seasonal maintenance and inspections to new air conditioner installations or repairs as you prepare to move into the warm season. We help homeowners around Utah avoid a few common mistakes this time of year, and while many of these errors speak to the future and your AC equipment you’re preparing for use, some also involve a failure to notice certain issues with your heating components.

Many simply think they can roll these over and deal with them the following fall, but this is a big no-no that will often cost you huge sums. Here are a few possible issues that you could notice near the end of heating season that should not be ignored.

heating HVAC mistakes


Unusually High Bill

One sign that you might notice at any point during the heating season is a strangely high utility bill compared to recent months or previous years. If your bill is 50% higher than it was last year at this same time of the year, for instance, this could be a sign of several potential issues taking place within the system and limiting your efficiency: Filter problems, duct leaks, vent or register blockages, or several other potential concerns. It’s best to remedy these now rather than allowing them to worsen over the next six months.

Uneven Heating

Have you noticed certain cold spots in your home while others are heated properly? You could also just have begun to notice drafts despite a lack of windows being open.

Generally, these indicate problems in your duct system – and these problems will carry forward to cooling season if they are not remedied. You should look to have the ducts inspected by our pros right away as part of spring HVAC maintenance.

Furnace Short-Cycling

Furnace short-cycling describes a condition where the furnace is turning on and off far too rapidly, often due to capacity or size issues. This not only makes it less efficient, but also puts it under significant strain and risks it wearing down years sooner than it should. This issue should be addressed as soon as possible, and not left to linger until fall.

Weird Sounds

Finally, if you notice unusual sounds coming from the heating system, these are cause for concern. In particular, hissing, banging, clicking or clanging sounds should lead to an immediate call to our team, even if it’s at the end of the season and you figure it won’t be happening for much longer.

For more on end-of-season heating issues you shouldn’t ignore, or to learn about any of our heating or cooling solutions, speak to the staff at My Buddy Heating and Air today.