Pipe Insulation — Do You Need It?

Pipe insulation can offer considerable benefits when your household uses a lot of water, you live in a cold climate or when your pipes travel long distances to transport water in your home.

Installing pipe insulation has obvious advantages, but it also offers a few benefits you may not have thought about before.

Pipe Insulation

Prevent Frozen Pipes and Water Damage

Preventing water damage is one of your main priorities as a homeowner. Installing insulation around pipes can help guard against them freezing, bursting and leaving a major mess behind.

Minimize Heat Loss

Do you dread looking at your heating bill in the winter? You could make the total a little easier to stomach by using pipe insulation!

If your pipes are on an exterior wall, the heat loss will make your system work harder to deliver hot water to all your faucets. Insulate these pipes and your water will stay warmer longer.

Keep Condensation and Corrosion Away

It’s common for moisture to form on pipes, but it doesn’t evaporate quickly, especially in dark, damp areas. Constant exposure to moisture can contribute to a buildup of corrosion on the pipes. Ultimately, corroded pipes will need to be replaced. By installing pipe insulation, you can keep condensation and corrosion away and help your pipes last longer, saving you money.

Make Your Living Environment Safer

One of the factors you may not have considered is that pets and children might accidentally come into contact with hot pipes, especially if they play in an unfinished basement or your pipes are exposed in any area of the home’s common living spaces.

You can make it safer for everyone by covering pipes with insulation.

What Type Is Most Effective?

You have a variety of options for pipe insulation, from conventional foam insulation to fiberglass pipe covers. The best product for your home will vary depending on the pipe’s location. The only situation in which you shouldn’t use pipe insulation is when you have radiant heat and pipes must stay uncovered because of the design of the system.

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