Plumbing Clogs — How Can You Avoid Them?

No one wants a plumbing clog, but believe it or not, you may be your drains’ biggest enemy. Homeowners can easily get into bad habits, especially when you think your plumbing system is indestructible.


You can create a plumbing clog if you do any of the following:

1. Flush Paper Towels

Never use thick, rough paper towels as a substitute for toilet paper. While toilet paper is designed to disintegrate quickly, it’s the opposite for paper towels.

Companies compete to create the paper towel that doesn’t break down easily in the presence of moisture. Paper towels aren’t good for the sewer — if they even make it all the way to the sewer! Sturdy paper can quickly cause a serious plumbing clog.

2. Dump Coffee Grinds in the Sink

Reserve your coffee grinds for the trash can or the compost pile. Not only can coffee grinds ruin your garbage disposal, the small particles build up and block drains easily.

Take the time to scrape your grounds into the garbage. You’ll be happy you did — it’s one of the best ways to avoid a plumbing clog.

3. Pouring Grease Down the Drain

You may love bacon, but the grease left behind after you cook it can result in a plumbing clog if you pour it down the drain. Instead, put it into a recycled food can, wait for it to solidify and throw it in the trash.

Cooking oils will coagulate and harden as they cool down, so they can easily build up and block the flow of water. If you suspect you have grease buildup in your drains, pour hot water into the pipes to try melt it and get out of the system.

4. Throw Trash in Your Toilet

Dental floss, diaper wipes, cotton swabs — people throw lots of trash into the toilet. These items don’t break apart like toilet paper. They aren’t good for your drains. Years of putting items that should be in the trash into the toilet can create a serious problem. It’s best to avoid it — don’t get used to using your toilet as a garbage can!

Signs You Should Call a Plumber

Do you have a plumbing clog? Here are some of the top signs:

  • Your sinks and bathtubs are slow to drain.
  • Your drains gurgle when other plumbing fixtures are in use.
  • You have low water pressure.
  • Your drains have a bad odor.

You can depend on My Buddy the Plumber for fast, expert service when you have a plumbing clog or you suspect a problem with your drains. Call today — we’re here for you!