Regular Water Heater Flushing Extends its Life Span  

Water heater flushing helps your tank last longer by removing sediment and maximizing performance, and that saves you money. If you aren’t sure how to do it and you’d rather rely on a professional, your local plumbing team is happy to help!

Water Heater Flushing

A regular flush helps your wallet and supports your everyday comfort and convenience.

Water Heats Up Faster 

Sediment from your water and the your home’s plumbing system can collect at the bottom of the tank. The more material blocking heat transfer, the longer it takes for your water to get warm

If you notice it takes longer than usual for your water to get hot, this could be the reason. Flushing the tank can also help if you run out of hot water quickly. Once you doyou’ll notice more efficient operation, faster heating and hot water that lasts longer.

Avoid Repairs and Replacement

If you install a hot water heater and never touch it again, it can lead to tank leaks, system stress and potentially, tank failure. 

When you take care of your tank, you have less hot water downtime. Your tank will last longer, delaying replacement a major expense. 

Get Rid of Annoying Noises

When they aren’t flushed regularly, water heaters crackle and pop. This is a sign that sediment has not only collected at the bottom of the tank, but it’s hardened. 

While this usually doesn’t bode well for the life of the tank, you can reduce noise by flushing out the loose sediment. If you have living space near your water heater, make regular flushing standard practice to prevent the annoyance of disturbing, loud sounds. 

Maintain Warranty Coverage

Some manufacturers require flushing to continue providing warranty coverage. Keep your tank under warranty as long as possible and follow manufacturer guidelines — get your tank professionally flushed regularly.

Save Money 

Water heater maintenance saves money. First, you’ll have lower energy bills, since it won’t take as long to heat up your water. Second, you’ll pay less in repairs. Third, your water heater will last longer than it would without any preventive maintenance. 

The money you invest in water heater flushing is quickly recouped — and then some when you figure in the long-term costs of avoiding the issue altogether. 

Trust My Buddy the Plumber for affordable water heater flushing — we’re at your service whenever you have a hot water issue that needs attention!