Tactics for Limiting Dust Buildup in HVAC Areas

Especially common for homeowners during the hot, dry summer season, dust can become a significant issue in some homes over time. In many such cases, the HVAC system is involved in this equation – either as part of the issue, or as a factor impacted by dust and air quality concerns.

At My Buddy the Plumber, we’re here to help. From basic services like air conditioning installation and repair to vital air quality items like home humidifiers, we’ll help you and your family stay comfortable and free of allergy-exacerbating dust this summer. Here are a few important areas within your HVAC system that will help your cause greatly, plus some tips and tricks for keeping them dust-free without major cost or hassle.

limiting dust buildup HVAC

Air Filters

The first and most important line of defense against dust in your home is the HVAC filter. These filters are directly responsible for catching dust and other particles before they’re able to pass through into your air, and they should be checked at least once a month and replaced or cleaned whenever they become dirty – including ensuring a tight seal when putting new or cleaned filters in place. For homes with pets who shed, this process should be carried out even more often.

Another important factor for filters: The MERV rating, which refers to how fine the filter is and the level of particle it helps block. The higher the MERV rating, the more particles that will be captured – though these filters tend to be a bit more expensive, and may use a bit more energy.

Thermostat Trick

One tip here that relates to your air filters: If your home is particularly dusty, a great method for clearing it out is as follows:

  • Change your filters so a new, clear filter is in place.
  • Turn your thermostat’s fan setting to ON rather than AUTO – this means it will run continuously.

Leave the fan on for several hours. The clean filter will absorb the vast majority of the dust present as air circulates due to the fan.

Dry Air and Dust

Another major cause of dust in our Utah climate is the dry air. Dust flows much more easily through dry air than humid air, meaning it will spread throughout your system faster. If you find this is a regular issue in your home, you can test the space with a humidity detector (cheap at any home improvement store) – and if the humidity is too low, consider a home humidifier from our team.

Duct Leaks

Finally, another potential cause of dust is leaking ductwork, which can develop over time due to specific issues or just natural wear-and-tear. When your ducts have openings, significant amounts of air will be able to flow into your space without first passing through the filter. One telltale sign of leaking ducts is dust accumulating around your vents – if you notice this, inspect all your visible ductwork and do your best to seal any leaks.

For more on preventing dust from building up in your HVAC system or home, or to learn about any of our HVAC or plumbing services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber today.