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7 Signs You Have a Failing Dishwasher

Do you have a failing dishwasher? From the time it takes to troubleshoot symptoms and diagnose the issue to the days you have to spend catching up on all the dirty dishes by hand-washing, you’re ready to call it a day with your dishwasher and invest in a replacement.

Before you completely pull the plug, make sure your dishwasher is beyond repair. If it’s showcasing any of the seven symptoms below, chances are it’s time to think about upgrading.

1. The Dishes Don’t Feel Hot When the Cycle Ends

Do your dishes come out cold? Hot water is necessary to remove germs and bacteria. If your dishwasher isn’t heating the water like it should, it could be a sign it’s getting to the end of its useful life.

2. Water Doesn’t Drain Out of the Bottom

Is water collecting in the bottom of your dishwasher and refusing to drain once the cycle ends? This could be a plumbing issue that we could help with, or it could be a problem with the appliance itself.

3. It’s Rusting from the Inside Out

Does your dishwasher have rust on its interior fixtures? If so, rust will get on your dishes too, and that doesn’t translate to clean, sanitized dishware. Chances are if the inside is rusting, it’s time to think about replacing your appliance.

4. The Latch Is Broken

It’s possible to fix a broken dishwasher latch, but if it breaks repeatedly, maybe your appliance is trying to tell you something! Sometimes parts can warp over time, an indication that a broken latch will continue to be an issue until you replace the appliance.

5. It’s Over 10 Years Old

In general, if your dishwasher has any of the symptoms on this list and it’s over a decade old, you probably aren’t getting the energy efficiency you deserve. Dishwashers over 10 years old are near the end of their useful lives and by upgrading, you can spend less on your water and power bills every month.

6. It Overfills or Under-Fills

If your dishwasher overfills, you could have a leak. Repeated under-filling means your dishes won’t get as clean each cycle. When the water level is imbalanced, you have a problem.

7. Your Dishes Aren’t Clean

One of the most obvious signs you may have a failing dishwasher is your dishes come out dirty. If you’ve tried everything you can, from switching detergents to putting fewer dishes inside each cycle and you’re still having this problem, it’s time to make a change.

We Don’t Repair Appliances, But We Fix Leaks

We can’t preserve your failing dishwasher or revive a dead appliance, but we can resolve the any leak issues. When you need emergency repair or help installing your new, replacement dishwasher, you know who to call: My Buddy the Plumber.

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