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Furnace Replacement: How to Know When it’s Time

A furnace replacement is a major home improvement and a big investment. You don’t want to give the go-ahead until you’re sure it’s exactly what’s needed for your home.

To help make this determination, we might ask you some questions about your furnace’s performance and anything unusual you’ve noticed over the past few months or years. Below are a few key signs that you’re more likely to need furnace replacement rather than just another repair.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Furnaces gradually lose efficiency as they age. If you’re starting to notice your heating bill is much higher than it was last year at this time, it could be because of the continuous drop in efficiency furnaces experience over time. Rest assured, a new furnace will make a big difference in your heating costs.

Repairs Are Mounting

As furnaces age, you often need more frequent repairs. It might begin with little things, but eventually more serious issues crop up. It’s similar to how a vehicle ages. If the next repair is only going to keep your furnace running for a short time, consider putting these funds toward an improvement that will last longer.

You Hear Strange Noises

When your furnace begins to make strange noises, it may be due to age. While the occasional odd noise probably isn’t much cause for concern, any screeching or squealing warrants an inspection of its motor and belts.

Air Quality Has Gone Down

Furnaces are less able to filter toxins out of the air as they age. You may notice a significant increase in dust. Instead of purchasing an air filter for every room, first look to your furnace to see if that’s the problem.

Some Rooms Are Warmer Than Others

If your furnace, duct system and insulation isn’t working together smoothly, you may notice some rooms in your home are colder than others. It’s important to assess your furnace’s role in this puzzle and ensure it’s performing up to snuff. If it’s not, you probably won’t find a resolution until you invest in a new one.

It’s Old

Finally, if all or some of these symptoms are true of your furnace, find out how old it is. Most furnaces last 15 to 20 years. If yours is past the 15-year mark and problems are starting to crop up, it could be time for furnace replacement.

As always, you can depend on My Buddy the Plumber for impartial, objective advice on what you should do to get the most for your money, whether it’s furnace replacement or repair.

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