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How to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency Quickly

Air conditioning efficiency will dictate how much you pay for your cooling costs this summer, and how comfortable you are on the hottest days of the year. Does your system have to work extra hard to keep your home at your desired temperature?

It’s probably time to assess your air conditioning efficiency and see what you can do to improve it as the summer begins.

Schedule a Service Appointment

The first step you should take is to schedule a professional service appointment. Your technician will clean out the system’s exterior, removing leaves and debris and ensuring all wires are firmly attached. While this is something you can do yourself, the in-depth cleaning of the condenser unit is best left to a professional.

Clear Your Intake Vents

Do you have any items covering your home’s interior intake vents? Move furniture to allow better airflow. Vacuum up dust. Keeping all vents clear is one of the best ways to allow for better air conditioning efficiency.

Keep Heat Sources Away from Your Thermostat

Does the sun shine through a window directly onto the thermostat? Do you have a lamp giving off radiant heat close to the thermostat?

If you’re finding that your air conditioning won’t even shut off, this could be the cause. Try to hang curtains or blinds to block sunlight and move lamps to allow the thermostat to get a better read on the actual temperature in the room.

Ventilate Your Attic

Heat rises, and if your attic doesn’t have enough ventilation, the heat can get trapped and cause the whole home to warm up. Have your attic assessed by a roofing professional and add vents as necessary to facilitate a cross breeze.

Replace Filters

Replacing air conditioning filters is essential. While your service technician will probably do this during the annual maintenance check on your system, you should take care of the task yourself periodically throughout the year. If you use the air conditioning for about six months, you should replace your filter at least twice.

A new filter saves you money on your cooling bill, and is cheaper than an A/C repair.

Call Your Local Buddy!

My Buddy the Plumber can revamp your air conditioning efficiency with maintenance and service appointments — all you need to do is schedule one! Call us today and make your house our next stop. Let’s get your A/C functioning at peak performance before summer.

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Easy Maintenance & Exclusive Benefits

The My Buddy the Plumber’s Club is our comprehensive maintenance membership program that will protect your home comfort systems! From an in-depth home plumbing inspection to thorough furnace and air conditioning tune-ups, the club does it all. Our team will ensure your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are running safely and in top shape. Joining our club can also provide plenty of exclusive perks, such as:

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