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Do You Need a Permit To Replace Your HVAC System in Utah?

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If you’re planning to replace the heating system or air conditioner in your Utah home, you’ll need a building permit. Depending on your exact county, the permits required may be different.

Luckily, homeowners aren’t responsible for getting the necessary permits for completing an HVAC replacement project. If you’ve hired a knowledgeable HVAC company, like My Buddy the Plumber, Electric Heating & Air, to replace your equipment, they will obtain the required permits on your behalf.

Why Are Permits Required for HVAC Replacements in Utah?

Pulling permits for HVAC installations and replacements is designed to protect the consumer against improper or unsafe installation techniques. After a permit is obtained, a local inspector will ensure that the installation aligns with manufacturer specifications and state and local building codes.

When scheduling an air conditioning or heating replacement, it’s important to ask your contractor about their permit process. Some technicians fail to obtain permits for many reasons, including:

  • License: An unlicensed HVAC contractor can’t obtain a building permit. Incidentally, those operating without an HVAC license in Utah are breaking the law.
  • Savings: Some contractors don’t want to pull permits because they believe it’s a waste of time and money. We assure you nothing could be further from the truth.
  • Inspections: As we mentioned earlier, permits lead to inspections. If your HVAC contractor isn’t confident that their installation will pass, they might not pull the permit.

In our opinion, none of these are good reasons to skip getting a permit. Not only is it a sign of bad faith on the part of your HVAC contractor, but failure to obtain a permit can have serious consequences for you as a homeowner.

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What if You Don’t Obtain a Permit To Replace Your HVAC System?

If you don’t have a permit to perform your HVAC replacement, your property may not pass inspection, and you may be required to have the work redone out of your own pocket. Homeowners may also find it challenging to submit documents to their homeowners association, property tax authority, or local government with ordinances.

When permitting is avoided due to your HVAC contractor not being licensed, it can put your manufacturer warranty at risk. Many heating and cooling equipment manufacturers require that a licensed technician install your unit to be eligible for warranty coverage. If your chosen technician isn’t licensed, your warranty coverage may be voided.

Trust My Buddy With Your HVAC Replacement!

At My Buddy the Plumber, Electric, Heating & Air, our team of fully licensed, factory-trained technicians offer the HVAC replacement solutions that Utah families can trust. Our team will pull all necessary permits to complete your replacement project in accordance with all state and local building codes. We are proud that all our HVAC replacements can stand up to scrutiny, ensuring long-lasting, reliable comfort in your home for years to come.

Request HVAC replacement services in Salt Lake City by calling (801) 381-4471 or contacting us online today!

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