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Prevent Plumbing Leaks by Reducing Stress on Your Pipes

Stress on your piping lines is a major cause of plumbing leaks. While burst pipes are one major source of plumbing leaks, other conditions in your home and plumbing system can ultimately lead to water damage as well.

Even the strongest pipes or pipe fittings can wear down under high pressure, and it could be a problem for your system. Don’t look back with regret, wishing you’d been proactive when you had the chance — address the problem now so you can avoid costly damage and repairs.

The True Cost of Water Damage

The average insurance claim for a burst pipe is $15,000, but damage can run as high as $70,000, creating major issues that aren’t easily resolved. From structural problems to mold infestations, plumbing leaks — especially ones you don’t notice right away — can have catastrophic effects on your home and your finances.

What can you do if your pipes are under stress?

Lower Your Water Pressure

When your plumbing system is old, it’s best to lower your water pressure.

High water pressure has many benefits — enjoyable showers, more effective dishwashing and a healthy, strong flow every time you turn on the tap.

But it has its drawbacks too. It can loosen pipe joints and lead to plumbing leaks.

Your plumber can measure your water pressure, then lower it if needed with a pressure regulator. Keep in mind that low-flow shower heads and faucets are useful for saving water, but they don’t lower pressure throughout a home’s plumbing system.

Install a Water Softener

Hard water can also cause pressure buildup. The mineral deposits left behind from hard water build up on the inside of your home’s pipes and restrict water flow. Hard water can also corrode pipe connections and valves, leading to plumbing leaks.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to soften your home’s water supply. Installing a whole-home water softener could have major long-term benefits for your plumbing system if you live in an area with a significant water hardness.

Don’t Attach Anything to Pipes

You can also prevent plumbing leaks by making sure no one hangs anything on the pipes, such as clothes. Plumbing lines look secure, but they shouldn’t be used as clothes rods. It can loosen the joints and fasteners, which could have serious consequences.

Depend on Your Local Plumber

My Buddy the Plumber will assess your home’s plumbing system and give you plenty of good suggestions for how to protect against plumbing leaks. Contact us today and set up a time for our friendly service team to visit your home and evaluate its plumbing!

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