Salt Lake City Plumber

29-Feb-2016 Comments Curtis Armstrong

Salt Lake City Plumber A fun graphic of the history of plumbing. We’re sure glad that we live in the 21st century with modern plumbing conveniences. 🙂 More on the history of plumbing here. ...

Plumbers in Salt Lake City

12-Jan-2016 Comments Curtis Armstrong

Plumbers in Salt Lake City Plumbers in Salt Lake City will almost always need to see the project before they can give you a proper estimate of what it will cost to fix, even if there’s no issue at hand, yo ...

Cold Showers?

23-Jul-2014 Comments My Buddy The Plumber

Cold Showers? It’s morning. You’re running late. You need to get dressed and out the door, but you can’t shower yet because you’re afraid there won’t be enough hot water. So you’re l ...